Dictionary Specification Language is a widely used format, which was introduced by ABBYY Lingvo.

DSL format is open, but not well described.
Particular enhancements of DSL format support will be done on users' requests.

Hence, in case of inproper work of JaLingo with DSL (something is wrong or not implemented), post your suggestions to JaLingo Forum.


Mova format used in Mueller and Transmagus dictionaries.

Often these dictionaries have rich content with transcriptions, indents, lists and highlights.

PtkDict/phpMyLingvo MySQL dumps

PtkDict MySQL format was first introduced in PtkDict application, which used pre-installed MySQL server as a storage for its dictionaries. The dictionaries were distributed as dump files which are produced by mysqldump command.

phpMyLingvo is another, web-based application which also uses MySQL server to store dictionaries.


Dictionaries from Sdictionary community site.

NOTE: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic characters will show as empty boxes if support of eastern languages is not enabled in your operating system.

NOTE: I haven't found a way show Georgian characters properly, but I leave Georgian dictionaries in the list above, so you may try them anyway. Please, contant me (jaesar[chicken-monkey]users.sourceforge.net) if you were sucessful using these dictionaries or you know how to make Java render Georgian characters.

Other dictionaries (not supported by JaLingo, yet ;-)

Dictionaries on XDXF community site

Other dictionary applications

Name Description OS Dictionary format
StarDict Desktop, free, cool features, has lots of dictionaries Any StarDict
ABBYY Lingvo Desktop, commercial, has great dictionaries Windows LSD (compiled DSL)
phpMyLingvo Web-based, free, written in PHP + MySQL Any PtkDict MySQL dumps
ptksdict Desktop, free, written in Perl Any Sdictionary
Atlantida Desktop, free, written in Java Any XDXF
jDictionary Desktop, free Any

Translation tools and dictionaries on Web

Google Language Tools - text/site translation
Wikipedia - great online encyclopedia

Yandex Lingvo - Russian-to-other and other-to-Russian online dictionaries
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