JaLingo Setup EXE

For Windows

1. Download and run JaLingo Setup EXE - 12M
2. Download dictionaries

You don't need to have Java on your machine.
The installation comes with Excelsior JET JVM.

For Windows, Linux, Mac and other

JaLingo Setup JAR 1. Download and install Java 1.5.0_05 or later 2. Download JaLingo Setup JAR - 0.4M
3. Run JaLingo Setup JAR and follow its instructions.

For Windows:
For "not Windows":
NOTE for Linux users: the default installation path is '/usr/local/jalingo'.
It is recommended to switch to 'root' for installation to avoid file permission problems.

4. Download dictionaries

NOTE for Mac and FreeBSD users: please, e-mail me if you use JaLingo (or want to use it).


Here are some typical mistakes:
In trouble? Ask help at JaLingo Forum.

Known bugs/limitations


Found a bug? Have a new idea? Want a new feature?

Feel free to express your thoughts at JaLingo Forum.
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